Repair and Overhaul Warranty

AE&C Services warrants that all items repaired/overhauled are free from defects in workmanship with respect to the repaired or overhauled portions of the item and shall have no liability for any parts which are normally consumed in operation or which have a normal life inherently shorter than the following warranty period. Liability under this warranty shall be limited to items returned within the specified warranty periods and the labor and/or parts used in the service preformed by AE&C Services to the extent of the parts manufacturer's warranty. AE&C Services will not warranty any delicate electrical parts such as switches, transistors, diodes, capacitors, filters, relays, brushes, etc.

Products Repaired: Six (6) months or 600 operation hours from the date the repaired item is shipped to the customer.

Products Overhauled: Twelve (12) months or 1200 operation hours from the date the overhauled item is shipped to the customer. There shall be no obligation of warranty if item shows evidence of tampering, mishandling, misuse, abuse, damage, accident, or any attempt is made to repair the item. All warranty items must be performed by AE&C Services. AE&C Services shall not be liable for any consequential or incidental damages, loss, damages or expense, direct or indirect, from the use of items processed by this repair station.